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Thai MOODs
60 min. 990 CZK, 90 min. 1290 CZK, 120 min. 1690 CZK
Pressuring of acupressure points, stretching of your limbs and spine, head and face massage

Aroma MOODs
60 min. 1190 CZK, 90 min. 1490 CZK, 120 min. 1790 CZK
Milder version of traditional Thai massages, less power and more relaxation, oily version

Royal MOODs
60 min. 1390, 90 min. 1690 CZK, 120 min. 1890 CZK
Warm up of your muscles by traditional Thai massage techniques which is followed by procedure when your skin is absorbing special Thai herbs and spices and ended by oil Thai massage

Back MOODs
60 min. 990 CZK
Massage focused on your back, shoulders, neck and foot

Foot MOODs
30 min. 590 CZK, 60 min. 990 CZK
Massage focused on reflex points of your foot

Mama MOODs
60 min. 990 CZK
Special massages for mother-to-be


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